I want coordinating Christmas stockings for our family. This weekend I am going to find 7 different fabrics and next week I will cut them out while Amy is at school. I just can’t decide if I should machine stitch them on the inside or serge them on the outside with a contrasting thread color.

Update – I found six fabrics (picture at flickr) but Miss Hormonal didn’t like any color I suggested for hers. Turquoise? No. Purple? No. Do you want the bright pink? No. What do you want? I want fur instead of fleece. No. Then I want a print. No. Aaaargh!

Latest Update – Sarah is getting turquoise. She can be as cranky and contrary as she chooses but she can't rain on my parade.

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  1. polar fleece in non-traditional Christmas colors (hot pink, turquoise, orange, etc.)

    If I machine them on the inside, should I hand-sew a blanket stitch for color?

  2. Hmm. I’m an inside stitch girl, but that’s probably because I don’t own a serger and can’t really sew to save my life. (Inside hides my screw ups!)

    I’m dangerous with a glue gun though!

  3. You could just do a blanket stitch on the outside to begin with. My machine does a blanket stitch, though I have never used it. And I am planning on bringing it at Thanksgiving. We could try it then if you want. I think the blanket stitch would be pretty. I’ve never been a fan of the serged look though.

  4. I don’t know anything about sewing, so??? But that is a really cute idea. Every year, we buy those red fuzzy stockings from the dollar store and have a decorating party. The kids write their names in glitter, etc.

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