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  1. I do believe that 13-14 year old girls can be some of the most vile creatures on the face of the earth. My daughter was an absolute monster … I would shock people senseless when I referred to her as “a little bitch” but ya know, what can I say? I was just being honest. I truly thought I was gonna have to kill her.

    However, she (and I) have made it through that horrible stage. It took every ounce of patience and tolerance I ever had within myself, and constant reminding myself that I created this … thing that was screaming such vicious things at me and the rest of the family. While I made it crystal clear that I did not like her attitude and behavior one little bit, and I put the smack down on her when she crossed certain lines, I also made it clear that my love for her is eternal and unconditional.

    It paid off for me. My baby girl is now out of that wretched stage of early adolescence and has become the most sweet and precious child a mother could ever dream of. She tells me she loves me all the time, gives me hugs spontaneously, enthusiastically introduces her friends to me, and says, “My mom is, like, ya know, totally cool and stuff”

    Hang in there … this doesn’t last forever.

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