Tommy’s daily job is to empty the dishwasher. Since the children take turns loading the dishwasher and rinsing abilities vary greatly, we frequently have dishes that aren’t clean after they have gone through the dishwasher. To reduce dirty dishes mixed in with the clean (it ALWAYS happens when we have visitors), I asked Tommy to put anything not clean back in the sink. I know you are already there, but I’m slow and I just realized that the amount of dishes being put back in the sink is growing too rapidly and anything that is difficult to put away is never making it to its’ storage spot. Sooooo, how do I solve this problem? If I tell him he must rinse instead of tossing them in the sink, we’ll have dirty dishes being put away again.

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  1. Anytime a clean dish is in the sink call Tommy in to hand wash it, dry it and put it away correctly.

    Anytime a dirty dish is in the cabinet call Tommy in to hand wash it, dry it and put it away correctly.

  2. if the dishwasher is dirty, I go ahead and put the detg in it so I/ we can tell. it somehow doesn’t spill out, and is a good sign.

    I say this, and implemented this, after I unloaded an entire dishwasher of dirty dishes one time (my mother rinses really GOOD before loading in the dishwasher, haha).

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