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  1. I recently went to a writing class the state sponsored and they said that we could toss that rule out the window now. I found that so freeing!

  2. You can’t just toss the whole rule out the window. The problem with “where are you at” is not only that it ends in a preposition but also that the preposition is completely unnecessary. That’s why it’s so irking (if that’s a word). The sentence has the same meaning as “Where are you?”

  3. Rules of grammar are always changing. As part of the business writing course I attended, the usage of a preposition on the end of the sentence was presented as acceptable.

    Language isn’t a solid and English is always fluid – how many new phrases and concepts enter the dictionaries every year?

  4. I know that rule is slightly outdated… But I still hate it when people end sentences with prepositions – most especially the “Where’s it at?” variety!

  5. I think it was Churchill who said “A preposition is a word that you should not end a sentence with”.

  6. Seriously Wayne? That’s funny.

    I used to structure some questions in such a way that the preposition would begin the sentence, but people would never understand the question. I finally gave up and threw that rule out of the window.

    Now, everybody understands me just fine, but I hate them just a little bit for it. lol

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