I wonder why Michael thought of me when he got tagged with a "5 Wierd Things About Me" meme.

1) Until I started middle school, my mother packed a jar of baby food in my school lunch every day.
2) The only time I ever camped out for concert tickets, I spent the evening breastfeeding.
3) Every so often I must completely rearrange all the furniture.
4) I speak for my dogs.
5) I would rather have the curtains open than the lights turned on.

Since I only have about 5 readers, consider yourself tagged. Leave me a note when your list is up so I can go see if you're really wierd.

3 thoughts on “113441824892048251

  1. OMGoodness I speak for my pet chinchilla! Of course, according to me, he always says “get away from me, you f–ing humans!” 😆 But I totally understand you, the temptation to do it is just irresistible!

  2. 1. I hope that you are NOT continuing the family tradition.
    2. Cool mom!
    3. Me too! No visual rut!
    4. Better than them speaking for you…
    5. Yes, yes, natural light!

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