Yesterday when the house was quiet, I heard our resident squirrel chewing on the wood in the attic. I went to get a picture of our uninvited guest and he kindly poked his head out for the camera. A moment later, a second squirrel popped out. There are TWO squirrels living in the attic. How can I kick them out now? They could be the Mary and Joseph of squirrels. The poor squirrel couple just wants refuge from the cold, cruel winter. Desperate for a place to stay warm, they chewed a giant hole in the wood and now they finally have a home for the winter. Aren’t they cute? Don’t you think we should at least let them stay until Christmas? Posted by Picasa

5 thoughts on “113494915244990810

  1. Babies. Squirrel babies. Massive numbers of squirrel babies, who, in turn and in a very, very short amount of time, will produce MORE squirrel babies. The numbers are exponential.

    Trust me … you want them gone yesterday.

  2. You want them gone, quickly. TheyÂ’ll start chomping on the electrical wires next. Throw some mothballs up in the hole they made, thatÂ’ll keep them out.

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