I am in need of a Christmas miracle. It is the kind of miracle where you can only help by sending good thoughts my way. It is like asking the audience to clap to save Tinkerbell. My miracle has two parts. The first part is that Doug needs to get paid tomorrow for some of what he has been working on for weeks. Somehow that money needs to get in the bank tomorrow. That's not even the hard part of the miracle. The second part is the hard part. As soon as the bank has that money, I need to race around town and do most of my Christmas shopping in a single day with a nursing baby in tow. No, Doug can't help. He is on the verge of finishing a project and that demands his full attention. I have distracted him too much already with my whining and worrying about having a Christmas for the children. So, clap your hands and think good thoughts.

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  1. Cathy,
    Read your story and can not help but feel empathy for you and Doug…
    But Listen, Don’t worry…Christmas is not about running around all stressed, worrying, It’s about the HEART…If the $ doesn’t get into the bank, make the phone calls to work through it and have Christmas a few days or even a week later…You and Yours go to Church on Christmas a pray and rejoice….Jesus,Doug and the rest of your family will still love you after all is done…and it will get done and the day It’s over,. You guys will look back and think, Why did we get so stressed?
    God Bless you and yours and try real hard to have a very Merry Christmas.

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