Random observations –
Toys that use batteries should have an OFF switch.
Toys that have a zillion parts should come with their own storage container.
Roombas have hypnotic powers that make people stare and drool.
I have found the cure for Knoxville radio and its’ name is XM Radio! I’m listening to Lucy right now.

5 thoughts on “113579219350565378

  1. I LOVE my roomba. And it *is* mesmerizing. I love coming home to see the “crop circles” in the carpet and know that my friend has done his job.

  2. And screwed in battery plates should be outlawed, especially the ones that require a tightened screw to actually work. I don’t care that kids can open the plates and pull out the batteries if they don’t have screws. I had them when I was a kid and left the batteries in. They work better that way. Duh.

  3. 1. Totally agree with the off swith.
    2. Polly Pockets is a great example of this need.
    3. I only have area rugs, so no Roomba for me
    4. I cheat. DirecTV now pumps XM Radio through my TV (which is fortunately connected to my stereo system). XM Radio, and don’t have to pay the fee. 😉

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