“Where’s the phone Sarah?”
“I put it back after my conference call with B and T.”
“Noah, do you have the phone?”
“Did I half the foam?”
“Do you have the PHONE?”
“Oh, uh, what was the question again?”
“Never mind.”
“Tommy, have you seen the phone?”
“Where is it?”
“I dunno.”
“Is it in your room?”
“Unlikely but possible.”
“Amy, do you know where the telephone is sweetie?”
“It’s in the kitchen.”
“No. I looked and it’s not there.”
“Yes, it is. See? It’s in MY kitchen.”
“I don’t even remember why I wanted it in the first place.” Posted by Picasa

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  1. LOL! My youngest daughter (Katie) has an identical kitchen setup, we have an identical cordless phone, and Katie did placed our phone in the same place!

    Ain’t they great?

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