Amy has been staying dry in the daytime for months now, so I decided it was time for the potty chair to disappear. I was sick to death of cleaning it out a thousand times a day and Evan is too mobile to risk having the little seat down at his level. Yesterday Amy realized the chair was missing. “Where’s my potty?!? I want it NOW!” I ignored her screams and calmly explained that it was gone and blah blah blah. The little terrorist walked to the hallway, squatted and peed. “I TOLD you I want my potty chair!”

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  1. did you have her clean it up? That’s what I did with Gabriel. I gave him a lesson on mopping when he had accidents. Any he has now he cleans up himself. Though I do have to mix the water for him.

  2. OOh, that child is in for it!

    I’d definitely make her clean it up and if she did it again, I’d make her clean it up and add on another punishment.

    Terrorist indeed!

  3. Well, she probably better learn to pee standing up from now on cause I would hope she won’t be able to sit down for a while..

  4. We didn’t have a potty chair with our littlest, she’s been great about sitting on the toilet.

    Unless, of course, she isn’t wearing a pullup, then she pees wherever she happens to be standing (usually on the carpet)

    We’re not quite there yet, I don’t think…

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