Mommy Blogger

I ignored the brouhaha the year the women at BlogHer argued over being “just” a Mommy blogger. I am a Mommy and I blog. I have been doing this for a decade now. I’m not embarrassed. I shrugged about the arguments over PR blackouts. If you’re tired of doing product reviews, don’t do them. We […]

BlogHer DC Sponsors

In my previous life, I orchestrated an annual event at the zoo in May. The sponsors and exhibitors would give up a Saturday to the event. I always felt like they deserved more thanks than they were given since without them, the event would have been hollow. Instead of anything close to adequate praise, they […]

BlogHer DC 2008

Sunday – After what shall forever be known as the week of a zillion hysterical Tweets, Sarah, Missy and I piled into a Saturn VUE and drove from Knoxville to DC. Okay, we drove to Bethesda, but that’s like DC’s version of Farragut. Actually, the only thing Farragut and Bethesda have in common is that […]

Sarah says:

Danny: “What is at the top of your must-see list?” Me: “Since we don’t have much time, we’re thinking the National Mall.” Sarah: “Oh! Is that the mall with three floors of shops?”

My BlogHer Sponsors

I was completely surprised by the people who donated to help Sarah and I get to go to BlogHer in DC. I am very thankful to: Elisa Erin Lisa Lisa Lissa Missy *Natasha Paula Robert Thomas Tracey & GM I’m sure you’re all sending me to hear me blog about something other than laundry and […]

hoodie > sweater

Me: “Sarah, do you have a sweater for DC?” Sarah: “Ew. Sweaters are for old people.” Me: “I meant a pullover sweater, not a button up sweater.” Sarah: “Ugh. That is so gross.” I am going to look old and gross at BlogHer. Sarah is going to look cold. I’m not sure which is worse.

iPod anxiety

I am creating my own weapons of mass distraction and cleaning up my iPod before we leave for DC. I don’t think anyone in the car wants to listen to The Partridge Family, theme songs to animated movies or some of the politically incorrect but anatomically accurate Monty Python tunes. Adam Sandler and Steve Martin […]

doing something for me

I have wanted to attend BlogHer since the very first gathering in 2005. Every year it rolled around and I came up with dozens of reasons not to go. Because I want to just isn’t a good reason to do something. Except, I still want to go. If I keep waiting for it to be […]