My BlogHer Sponsors

I was completely surprised by the people who donated to help Sarah and I get to go to BlogHer in DC. I am very thankful to:
& GM

I’m sure you’re all sending me to hear me blog about something other than laundry and see pictures that weren’t made in the car. You will get that. I get to be with other people like me. Women who feel compelled to write. Women who are passionate about things outside of themselves. Women who value ideas, opinions and feelings. I am excited about having conversations with adults, not feeling like I went an entire day using zero brain cells and bathing in a fully functional bathroom. I have several goals for the adventure. My first goal is to completely fill the memory card on my camera. My second goal is to be so refreshed that I don’t melt when I see what the house looks like upon my return. All the other goals are inconsequential. Thank you for giving me a few days to just be myself. The only thing better than blogging is bloggers like you.

*I need a link!

3 thoughts on “My BlogHer Sponsors

  1. And you are so very welcome! Besides, I couldn’t go alone. I just wish that some of the other very talented women bloggers in our community were going with us. I am proud to be in that number and I can’t wait to meet more of our world.

  2. I surely wish that I could go. However, I have this new job thing going on now. But that is what allowed me to help sponsor you! So go, and have a great time!

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