Talent not included

“If you put the time you spend reading into writing, you could publish a book. Make some money.” “Mmmkay. I’ll go ask the hospital if they’d let me perform a brain surgery. Probably more money there. Might offer to be someone’s lawyer at the court house. That seems to pay well.”

Water wasters

The characters in romance novels are the opposite of environmentalists when it comes to wasting water. They shower half a dozen times a day. Their hair must be moldy from never actually drying. Hot showers. Cold showers. Long, long showers. They must have magical water heaters and someone else paying their water bills.


The first time I got a book that shouldn’t have made it past inspections at the end of the assembly line, it came from a big chain bookstore. I drove back to the store and swapped it. Easy peasy. Now, I have one from Amazon. It’s a pita to package it up, send it back […]

Virtual Bookshelf

For absolutely no reason other than to amuse myself, I created a page listing my favorite series and stand alone books. My virtual bookshelf is extremely basic and I may or may not someday clean it up into something easier to navigate. The books on that page range from YA to erotica with everything in […]

Arguing with bookstores

All readers know that Tuesday is the most likely day for new releases to hit the bookstores. This week, I made the husband pause at the big chain bookstore so I could grab an eagerly anticipated book when he really wanted to go directly to his juggling event. I zipped around every display in the […]

Book shamers: The sequel

As I am a reader and not a writer, I lurk in the background of my favorite authors’ social media chatter. Learning that the author who created a feline fae character is a devoted Maine Coon parent only adds to the enjoyment of that character. There’s one writer who occasionally tweets a line from her […]

Make paranormal the norm

As the authors and series I haven’t read on the paranormal aisle get smaller, I’ve taken to hunting down my favorite authors’ work in other genres. There are ten times more books on the historical romance shelves than the paranormal shelves. Why? They’re as historically accurate as the paranormal are real, so it can’t be […]


While waiting for the release of the next October Daye novel (Luidaeg > Selkies), I’ve been inhaling twenty year old paranormal romance paperbacks. I thought I found the perfect description of my dog Antimony when I read this: I discovered the missing part of that description when I read this: Uncontrollably bouncy joy and chewer […]

Book Pawn

Yesterday, I went to my favorite used books store. As I frequently do, I sent a teenager to pick up my resell credit while I searched shelves for the missing books in series that I’m reading. Unlike every prior visit, the teen didn’t return with the credit in one hand a book request in the […]

Sharing is caring, unless it’s a girly book

For some reason, I decided the husband needed to read one of the books I love. Maybe I thought it would alleviate the guilt I feel about my paperback hobby. I definitely thought it would be fun to finally have someone to talk to about books and authors. I contemplated which book he would be […]