While waiting for the release of the next October Daye novel (Luidaeg > Selkies), I’ve been inhaling twenty year old paranormal romance paperbacks. I thought I found the perfect description of my dog Antimony when I read this: I discovered the missing part of that description when I read this: Uncontrollably bouncy joy and chewer […]

Book Pawn

Yesterday, I went to my favorite used books store. As I frequently do, I sent a teenager to pick up my resell credit while I searched shelves for the missing books in series that I’m reading. Unlike every prior visit, the teen didn’t return with the credit in one hand a book request in the […]

Sharing is caring, unless it’s a girly book

For some reason, I decided the husband needed to read one of the books I love. Maybe I thought it would alleviate the guilt I feel about my paperback hobby. I definitely thought it would be fun to finally have someone to talk to about books and authors. I contemplated which book he would be […]

Kindle Unlimited

After one month of the three month free trial of Kindle Unlimited, I already know I’m going to cancel it instead of keeping it. While I’m sure there are some authors on there who deserve to be picked up by publishers, most of it feels like long-form Tumblr fanfiction. Reading Kindle Unlimited versus real books […]

Book shamers

“Bodice ripper books should be read in the privacy of one’s bedroom and never in public.” The nice older woman who whispered that to me would probably be equally shocked that I don’t wear a girdle. I’m not sorry to disappoint her about either. The main difference between paranormal romance and urban fantasy is the […]

Just an idea

Book Lovers Con needs to add a bookshop of links the way LibertyCon did. Except maybe, make it sexier. I non-creepery stalk the various book cons that have participating writers who I’d sit and listen to for hours. I do the same with the National Book Festival, but I don’t fantasize about going to that […]

I do it wrong – part two

I don’t care if I pronounce character names correctly in my head. Sometimes I’m guessing correctly. If I think Myfanwy looks like Tiffany with an M, that’s what I’ll think when I read it. All the character names have a X or a Q randomly stuck in a series of letters? I’m making a guess […]

I do it wrong

Websites collect data from users under the guise of improving the site based on user needs. It’s also to sell things to users, advertisers and the bottom feeders who buy existing data sets of user contact info. It is what it is. For data sets to be useful, assumptions are made about how a site […]

The Rook

When I read The Rook, it made my skin crawl. The book is creepy and fascinating while the sequel book is chaotic and satisfying. After the first trailer for the TV adaptation, I knew they were going to make it action-adventure. I’m still going to watch every last minute of it. Sometimes, adaptations are very […]

One year later

If you take one year off from your blog to decide if it should continue, then you may find yourself posting heavily on every other social media outlet. Lesson learned. In news that is far more interesting than dusting off my blog, there’s this: