Dear Wubbzy,

WubbzyThe newest 4-y-o and the almost 7-y-o have a deep and abiding love for all things Wubbzy. Our first Wubbzy product was a Wubbzy beanie. The best thing about it is the flexible tail. Countless hours have been spent by ALL the members of our family making coils, angles and shapes with that tail. This weekend, the bathtub Wubbzy was added to our household. The only problem with this popular toy is the inevitable tears when Wubbzy has to stay in the bathtub until he’s dry. Do you know how long it takes for bathtub Wubbzy to dry? I almost used a hair dryer on it tonight. You know what we really need? We need Wubbzy bandages. Bandages (notice me not using the trademarked name that I really use when referring to the plastic wound covering product) are physical and psychological magic cures. Putting Wubbzy characters on them would work wonders for the endless boo-boo traumas in our family. You know what else would be fun? Wubbzy characters that stack in multiple ways, like Tetris. You do realize that the characters look like building blocks don’t you? Lastly, instead of putting single episodes on DVDs, how about a DVD that is nothing but Wubbzy songs/videos? Don’t tell anyone, but more than once I have been caught humming a Wubbzy tune. “We’re all kooky and so are you!”


One thought on “Dear Wubbzy,

  1. Posts like this must carry “Parental Warning” tags, like, “This post will cause you to go out and buy more stuff your kid doesn’t need.”

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