playing with cameras

She: “Don’t step in front of the camera if you are going to run around the house like that.” Ten minutes later, child dancing in underwear has no memory of the camera conversation. She: “Don’t forget the camera.” He: “If I don’t care about open windows, why would I care about our cameras?” I can’t […]

The project

He: “I’m turning the water off and draining the old tank now.” She: “Everybody shower. Quickly! We won’t have water for a week. Fill the water bowls. Move it!” I love home repairs and improvements when they are complete enough for the tools to go back in the cabinets. Getting to that stage is somewhat […]

southern gothic

“I want a bamboo forest behind the house that blocks out all light and heat.” “You want a dark forest in our backyard?” “Yes!” “Will it have the usual inhabitants?” “Yes, but they’ll keep to the forest. Actually, I want to live in a castle.” “I’ll get right on that.”


Doug took the week off to get coding done on his second job. On Sunday, I got a nail in my tire and he had to spend Monday waiting on a replacement tire. On Monday, a breaker started tripping every time I used the dryer. The house has become sentient and it is a NEEDY […]

Soggy, part deux

It’s been another week of the washing machine flooding the basement. I have used the machine as sparsely as possible, but StacheMan’s work uniform must be washed nightly and the youngest child only has two pairs of pants that fit. The soggy towels obviously can’t wait at all. The husband figured out how to use […]


The washing machine has sprung a leak. The half bath, on the other side of the wall behind the machine, floods whenever I do a load of laundry. The husband spent the weekend doing the maintenance suggestions on the manufacturer’s website. Now, the half bath floods, the hallway floods and a river flows into the […]

plumbing woes

A: “Is the upstairs toilet fixed yet?” Dad: “Yes. If you pee, push the inner handle. If you poo, push the outer handle.” A: “Whaaat?” Dad: “One flush uses half the water of the other flush.” A: Walks downstairs to use basement toilet.


He: “They’re housing homeless there, but vandals flooded the building and now they don’t have heat.” She: “People are living in the cottage?” He: “Yes.” She: “Then, they are NOT homeless.”

Cleaning up my tech clutter

It was fine and dandy to have a nest of tangled power cords on and under my desk when my workspace was in the kitchen. When I moved my space to the basement, the mess of cables became a distraction. So, I began my quest to clean up my mess by counting the number of […]