Soggy, part deux

It’s been another week of the washing machine flooding the basement. I have used the machine as sparsely as possible, but StacheMan’s work uniform must be washed nightly and the youngest child only has two pairs of pants that fit. The soggy towels obviously can’t wait at all. The husband figured out how to use […]


The washing machine has sprung a leak. The half bath, on the other side of the wall behind the machine, floods whenever I do a load of laundry. The husband spent the weekend doing the maintenance suggestions on the manufacturer’s website. Now, the half bath floods, the hallway floods and a river flows into the […]

plumbing woes

A: “Is the upstairs toilet fixed yet?” Dad: “Yes. If you pee, push the inner handle. If you poo, push the outer handle.” A: “Whaaat?” Dad: “One flush uses half the water of the other flush.” A: Walks downstairs to use basement toilet.


He: “They’re housing homeless there, but vandals flooded the building and now they don’t have heat.” She: “People are living in the cottage?” He: “Yes.” She: “Then, they are NOT homeless. They also have house cleaning company who takes care of the cleaning part.”

Cleaning up my tech clutter

It was fine and dandy to have a nest of tangled power cords on and under my desk when my workspace was in the kitchen. When I moved my space to the basement, the mess of cables became a distraction. So, I began my quest to clean up my mess by counting the number of […]

not-so-great mysteries

In the past two days, I stripped all the beds and laundered *everything. When I went to re-make all the beds, I had one extra twin mattress pad and a missing full size mattress pad. Did I have a twin mattress pad on a full mattress? It doesn’t fit now, so how could it have […]

Mommy guilt

I left town for one weekend and returned to a lawn as tall as my waist, every dish in the house dirty, a dead dryer, an attitudinal SuperTween and a heartbroken Sawyer because, “Mommies are supposed to be at home.” I’m not sure if I should travel more often or less often.

laundry and dishes

It’s time for my annual declaration that this is the spring we are going to put up a clothesline. Our current dryer takes 2-4 times longer than our washing machine AND our dryer is too small for most quilts and sleeping bags. In a few weeks, I will make my annual declaration that there is […]

house snail

Snails in aquariums are useful and interesting. Everyone can stare at the tiny creature because it cleans the slime on the glass walls of the tank. Homes need something like snails. You could give the house snail a name, like Gary. Watching Gary would be interesting, but more importantly, Gary would silently eat the dust […]