I live to amuse/annoy

“Excuse me, sir. Is the chicken under the warming light labeled ‘hot’ because it’s spicy?” “Nooo. It means it’s not cold.” Pardon me, Mr. Crankypants Grocer. I’m pleased I’ve given you something benign to go home and complain about to your family. How silly of me to ask you a question while you put my […]

new old shoes

With my pinky toe peeking out and the soles separating from the sides, I went in the shoe department and asked for a size 7. The 20-something employee brought out a box of shoes and gestured to the chairs where people try on shoes. I pointed at my feet where the EXACT same shoes were […]


The oldest child takes routines, rituals and tradition to heart. He never misses a visit to the county fair. This year, we didn’t have the free passes that made the fair slightly less expensive, so I thought he might opt out of going. I was wrong. He needed that fair visit. I dropped him off […]