Nostalgia for what

Every year on this day, the ‘America was love and brotherhood on 9/12/01’ memes get plastered on social media. I can understand people who were children on 9/11 thinking this. The adults saying it need to do some serious reflection about how they experienced the day and weeks after 3000 people were murdered on live […]

The night the lights went out on fb

Our power used to go out frequently. Sometimes we’d hear the transformer blow. Sometimes we’d see the lines on the road. Other times, it just popped on and off for several days in a row. I don’t know if the utility companies have better maintenance routines to prevent the failures or if it’s just been […]

I’m not

“Mom! Let’s make a” “Okay. What do I do?” “You lip sync this part whenever it comes up. It’s super easy. Anyone can do it.” < - three minutes later -> “That’s… you… ummm… I think I’ll keep this one on private. Do you want to do another?” “Not after that reaction.” “Here we […]

“You can join social media when you are 13.”

Now, you are 13. You’ve been the “only person in the world not on facebook” for at least three years. As promised, you can venture forward into the hyperbolic world of social media if you follow a few simple rules. 1. You will friend/follow your father and I on every social media platform you join. […]

Antisocial media behavior

Pet peeve: Old school media using new media to harass and scold politicians, celebs and other popular people. It’s fine and dandy to use social media to invite and encourage people to attend events. It’s rude and self centered to try and shame those same people when they don’t attend. The presumption that your ribbon […]

Eagerly awaiting my intervention

“Today at school, I had to put together a presentation on my family. So, I copied a bunch of pictures from everyone’s Instagram and Twitter accounts. For you, I found a picture of you standing in the snow, in your robe.”

Unrealistic expectations

It is no secret that I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. When an elementary school teacher sends out an email request that parents do the projects that she pins on her boards, I hate Pinterest. Pinterest is a fun place to see collections of interesting ideas. Trying to recreate the projects is frustrating and […]

Twitter + Tumblr = pulse rate

Then – A phone call alerted you to turn on the television. You searched the very limited channels for a man at a desk with a microphone. Then, you passively watched, waited and wondered. Now – Twitter is the CB radio background noise of what’s happening in the world. It’s loud. It’s fluffy. It’s angry. […]

Today we learned:

1. Never ride a Greyhound bus or walk barefoot in downtown Nashville. 2. In an earthquake, Twitter is more fun and informative than Facebook. 3.Even the most physically and mentally active people are vulnerable, but they remain superheroes. 9:30 pm Aspie Caveman quote: “Was there an earthquake today?”

because Twitter isn’t my real estate

“Things I don’t care about: 1. A twitpic of underpants. 2. How someone eats their food.” “Things I do care about: 1. My children wearing clean underpants. 2. All children having healthy food to eat.” A few minutes after I tweeted, I saw this.