The year is half over

I failed to post my book count at the end of May because IRL has been busy. Four of the children celebrated their birthdays. One of the children now has a driver’s license. There have been checkups and extra Doctor visits for sprained wrists and tick bites. Summer camp supplies were gathered, packed, used, scrubbed […]

TV ramblings

While I hope everyone involved in the dumpster fire that is Inhumans is sitting on a time-out bench, thinking about what they did, I am loving The Gifted. The world they’re building and the characters inhabiting it are deliciously absent the sad trope of good and evil. Still, there are some directions they seem to […]

reading goals

While the tv stays off during the day, evenings used to be for watching shows and movies. After more than a decade of this routine, the husband has become unable to waste time on television. As he sits at his computer every night, I realized that there are zero shows I watch without him. Every […]

Iron Fist (spoiler free)

Luke Cage > Daredevil > Jessica Jones > Iron Fist In a perfect world, all seasons of episodic television would be presented in their entirety on subscription services like Netflix. Watching the full season in one night or spread out over several weeks would be the viewer’s choice. The ultimate reward is knowing that even […]

TV talk

Watching Flash season finale: “I knew that was who was wearing the metal mask!” “This is perfect!” “Nooooo! Barry ruined it.” Watching Castle series finale: “Are they dead?” “No, but that would make more sense than this.” Watching Gotham season finale: “I know I shouldn’t, but I love this show.” “Best. Villains. Ever.” Watching the […]

Blind men & the elephant

Granny: “We’ve been watching a show you might like. Quincy Jones and the Mod Squad girl’s daughter is in it.” Child: “She was on that show with Joy from Inside Out.” Me: “Oh! Rashida Jones from Parks & Rec. I’ll add it to the watchlist.”

be smarter

I want my “smart” television with built-in apps to automatically adjust the volume during scenes without dialogue so that I don’t jump out of my skin every time they stop talking on the screen.

(not so) deep musings

“Where would they sleep in Dollywood?” “I would have stayed in the White House.” “I would go to Biltmore. It’s built to function without things like heat and a/c, plus the land is farmable.” “We’d need an extra trailer behind the RV just for toilet paper.” “They should be using ham radios.” “Why aren’t there […]

Thoughts while watching tv

How does Alfred have time to play detective with “Master Bruce” when Alfred is the only person maintaining that giant estate? When stomping about a sewer with Grodd graffiti on the walls, doesn’t it occur to any of the team that they are walking in Grodd’s toilet?

late night tv

I try to set the timer on the tv so that it turns off at the same time that I fall asleep. Sometimes, I nod off too quickly and the tv drips into my dreams. Last night, I dreamed about some show called ‘Grams & Glum.’ It’s a crime solving show with Angela Lansbury and […]