(not so) deep musings

“Where would they sleep in Dollywood?” “I would have stayed in the White House.” “I would go to Biltmore. It’s built to function without things like heat and a/c, plus the land is farmable.” “We’d need an extra trailer behind the RV just for toilet paper.” “They should be using ham radios.” “Why aren’t there […]

Thoughts while watching tv

How does Alfred have time to play detective with “Master Bruce” when Alfred is the only person maintaining that giant estate? When stomping about a sewer with Grodd graffiti on the walls, doesn’t it occur to any of the team that they are walking in Grodd’s toilet?

late night tv

I try to set the timer on the tv so that it turns off at the same time that I fall asleep. Sometimes, I nod off too quickly and the tv drips into my dreams. Last night, I dreamed about some show called ‘Grams & Glum.’ It’s a crime solving show with Angela Lansbury and […]

I think the font shrank

Staring at the cable guide, trying to choose a program to watch and “Go? Got? Got ham? What’s that about? Oh, #%!* it says Gotham. Why is the guide so tiny?”

The Simpsons Marathon

You don’t need to watch the entire marathon. Check off the episodes that you do watch. Watch the missing episodes the next time you are stuck in bed with the plague. The Simpsons schedule/episode list

Breaking Bad questions (spoilers)

“All stories, even the ones we love, must eventually come to an end and when they do, it’s only an opportunity for another story to begin.” Why aren’t the reviews of last night’s episode talking about the fact that Walter was hiding in his own tomb? “We breathe. We pulse. We regenerate. Our hearts beat. […]

The World’s End – mini review

The World’s End was a lovely satire of maturity. It unraveled a bit at the end and the ‘whatever happened to’ bit could have been better written by fans, but the pub crawl was good fun. My only question is, did anyone else see a similarity in the plot to The World’s End and the […]

Breaking Bad female character thoughts

Lydia is the kind of person who comments “run it like a business” on old media websites. Skylar chose the wrong team. Again. Marie’s character flaw is finally going to serve a purpose. Not the purple obsessing, the OTHER thing that she has done the entire series. Hurry, Marie.


“What is this movie supposed to be about?” “I’m not sure, but it won a bunch of awards. It must be art-y.”