i feel pretty

My eyes look like they are lined with pink puffy paint all the way around. No, they look and feel like like Droopy’s. At least they only hurt when I blink. Maybe I should put preparation h on my upper and lower lids.

stop scaring the children Cathy

When the children cry, they look sad and bittersweet but still beautiful. Giant tears rolling out of shining, clear eyes and down smooth rosy cheeks. When I cry, my eyes look like I’m on a bender, my nose turns red and my sinuses open up to allow clear slugs to flow out of each nostril. […]


We have actually had women at our cookie booth who remember their mothers making cookies to sell. The original Girl Scout cookie recipe seems like a good place to start this year’s cookie recipe collection. *1 cup butter, or substitute *1 cup sugar *2 tablespoons milk *2 eggs *1 teaspoon vanilla *2 cups flour *2 […]


Last night we all went to the Boy Scout Pinewood Derby. As the half a dozen fathers finished getting the track ready, Evan decided he was thirsty. I am not shy about breastfeeding, but since Evan has decided it’s fun to spend his mealtime trying to remove my shirt and popping off the breast to […]


It’s Girl Scout cookie time in East Tennessee. When you see the girls in front of the store, please be nice. You don’t have to buy the cookies, just don’t be rude and hateful. You would not believe the awful things that people will say to Girl Scouts trying to sell cookies. You’re on a […]


“Lockdown is so stupid. We put a table in front of the door and the door opens out so the table does nothing. Then we sit under our desks silently with the lights turned off and everyone text messages on their phones.” I remember crawling under the desk for earthquake drills and sitting along the […]


Girl Scout cookies arrive tomorrow. They are delivering them to troops in the mall parking lot. I think we have figured out how we are getting 117 cases (12 boxes per case) of Girl Scout cookies from the mall to our house. Now I need to decide where to put them so that preschoolers and […]