I do get weary

After almost twenty years with a child who doesn’t fit the mold and that same amount of time spent advocating, I get tired. It is exhausting to constantly explain to those who don’t want to understand. It makes your bones hurt to have obstacles and insults hurled at you daily. It is draining to trudge […]

Community Schools

Knox County NEEDS to have someone or a group of someones attending the Coalition for Community Schools Learning Lab. IF that person could be me, the event would be live blogged. IF an agency or group sponsored me, I would wear a t-shirt with their logo to the event. I am an education and mental […]

Dear candidates,

Why is this campaign focused on people named Joe who have six packs abs and plumbing apprenticeships? There are seven people in this house and none of them fit those categories. You can put a lot of other labels on us, but when you do toss one of our labels around like a wooden carrot […]