I do get weary

After almost twenty years with a child who doesn’t fit the mold and that same amount of time spent advocating, I get tired. It is exhausting to constantly explain to those who don’t want to understand. It makes your bones hurt to have obstacles and insults hurled at you daily. It is draining to trudge through the sludge of hate and ignorance at anyone or anything that is different. Sometimes, I want to leave the struggle for someone else.

In a neighbor state, mobs of hateful adults are teaching their children to be intolerant and spiteful toward those who are different or dare to love the wrong person. Locally, a newspaper article about teaching positions being saved from the budget axe doesn’t result in comments rejoicing the much needed teachers. Instead, it is a festival of wrath toward special education students.

Things like this make me weary. They also remind me why I can’t stop trying.

“We are trying to construct a more inclusive society. We are going to make a country in which no one is left out.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

5 thoughts on “I do get weary

  1. I get weary too, of people cramming their immoral lifestyles down my throat, telling me I must not just tolerate but accept as normal their perversions. Men sleeping with men, women sleeping with women, and adults sleeping with children is all unnatural and just WRONG!

    I am weary too that I must not only tolerate, but allow and now, with this insanely destructive healthcare bill, PAY FOR immoral women to kill their children. Feminists insist that they be treated like men, but respected as women, but yet if we notice they are women, they get enraged, and if we insist they work as productively as men, they scream how unfair it it.

    I am weary of hell-bound non-believers mocking and ridiculing Our Lord, Jesus Christ. Not because it offends me. I know the Truth, but I weep for the children of such people who are being taught that God doesn’t matter and it is more important to be able to do whatever you like, rather than accept the gift of salvation given in grace by a loving and merciful God. And yes, I am sad for these people who embrace the dark side, and have sold their souls to Satan.

    I can only embrace my own blessings, look forward to my eternal life in His Kingdom, and pray the Holy Spirit will lead such people into the Love and Grace of Our Lord.

  2. Dang, Cathy, it breaks my heart that you opening up your heart and being vulnerable on your own website is met with such hate at Shawn’s.

    Shawn, if that’s your idea of mercy… Well, I hope you get what you give.

  3. And I am weary of the Shawns of the world, insisting that I believe in their imaginary friends, too.

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