Second verse, same as the first

“I will see you in a few hours.” “Actually, I looked at the clock when I went in your room last night and it was 3. From now on, I’ll go to your bed at 3.” “I will see you at 3.” “You’re getting better at this.”

Ado, ado, ado

“Goodnight.” “You know I’m going to sneak in your bed in an hour. Instead of saying goodnight, you should tell me that you will see me later.” “I’ll see you in a few hours.” “That’s better.”

anything to stay awake

Amy is going through a very annoying sleep avoidance phase. Every single night she uses all the traditional excuses to avoid bed and then she creates some new reasons to stall. If Amy is to be believed, every night at bedtime she is suddenly starving to death, dying of thirst, hot, cold, itchy and in […]