anything to stay awake

Amy is going through a very annoying sleep avoidance phase. Every single night she uses all the traditional excuses to avoid bed and then she creates some new reasons to stall. If Amy is to be believed, every night at bedtime she is suddenly starving to death, dying of thirst, hot, cold, itchy and in need of the bathroom. She wants someone to read to her and she wants to read to them. She can’t sleep alone, in her bed, in her room and in her jammies. She is afraid of the color black. There is someone knocking on her window. The room is too quiet and the room is too noisy. The wrong toys are in her bed and there are both too many and too few stuffed animals. Last night, the black widow spiders were going to crawl in her bed. I told her that was silly. “Don’t you know that it’s the Brown Recluse spiders which will bite you in your sleep?” Not really. I rolled my eyes and tossed her back in her bed for the millionth time. Where does she get this stuff? I’m NEVER ridiculous.

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