read a book, pass it on

I only sent four books back to NY with Starving Artist. I tried to send five books. She attempted to veto two of my selections. I forced her to take one of the rejections anyway. The Dovekeepers was snubbed without any chance of redemption. Even if the ending of Dovekeepers left me permanently scarred, I […]

Your book ideas

I asked for new book suggestions and you answered. You answered with books that you care about, books that your teens care about and books that you think Professor Teen will care about. When Netflix recommends old tv shows and movies based on an algorithm, I try their suggestions. I love movies and tv, but […]

feed the book monster

Professor Teen leaves in exactly one week for almost two weeks of light shows, temporary art, canine athletes and mechanical cats. He will also be spending more than 24 hours on airplanes and trains. This is Professor Teen. So is this. I have millions of these. Professor Teen loves to read. After borrowing and buying […]

Book Fair Day

Because I’m the meanest mom in the world: “It is a BOOK Fair. Each of you can pick out a new BOOK. We are not buying toys, shirts, games, posters, stickers or pencils. I am also vetoing toys that are packaged with a book.” I will give the exact same speech before we actually walk […]

bookavore hoarders

This week, I’ve been sorting and organizing the disheveled piles of books that have spilled from the packed bookcase to the floor all around it. Doug came home from work last night and went downstairs to change into sneakers and a sweater his mother knitted. No. That was Mr. Rogers. Doug changes into jeans and […]

Noah says:

Me: “How are you doing with your summer reading assignments?” Noah: “I’m really enjoying The Prince.” Me: “In what way?” Noah: “The characters in The Prince are also in Assassin’s Creed. That’s pretty cool.” Me:


Since Jedi Camp was in Oak Ridge, I did a lot of waiting between drop-off and pick-up. One day, I used my waiting time to read “Feed” by M.T. Anderson. Feed is a young adult fiction novel that is a cautionary tale, a la Reefer Madness, about the dangers of technology, social media and the […]

Dear English teacher,

There are so many wonderful books that are considered classics. Having to narrow it down to one semester’s worth of choices is something I have discussed with others on more than one occasion. Your choices are somber and thought provoking. Even with the focus on emotional struggle that you have chosen, I have to question […]