Feeling Lousy

After decades of parenting, the vermin odds finally caught up with us. Lice have violated my child’s scalp. We did once have a relative report that they were infested and we responded with shampoos and linen laundering, but bugs were never seen. This time, it was so horribly obvious that we immediately quarantined all of […]

It COULD have been a Brown Recluse

A few weeks ago, Doug was in California for a week of training. Without Doug’s tech humming and his cacophony of body noises, our bedroom is eerily quiet at night. As I sat in bed wasting time on a game instead of doing something useful, I heard a bug hum. I wasn’t sure if it […]

It’s not lucky being green

She: “Why is there a giant dead grasshopper in my laundry?” He: “Um, grasshoppers are lucky?” She: “It’s dead.” He: “Lucky for you, not the grasshopper.”

not a vampire

Evan: “How old were you when you ate chocolate covered ants for the first time?” Me: “I have never eaten chocolate covered ants.” Evan: “I was thinking about chocolate covered ants. When they kill the ants, the ants get all bloody. Then, they put chocolate on top of bloody ants. So really, you are eating […]

Stir Fry Cafe

I am more than a little bit infatuated with Stir Fry Cafe. For less than 10 dollars, I can have a dinner of miso soup and Brooklyn rolls. Just before New Year’s Eve, I got a cell phone message promoting sushi and drink specials at, well, I don’t know for certain where because there was […]

Wall-E tree

Sarah’s free Wall-E tree came in the mail and she was thrilled. She wanted to immediately plant the tree in a temporary planter to help it last through the winter. Instead of waiting for me to find some potting soil, she went outside and dug up a shovel full of our front yard. I didn’t […]

bugs like cheetos

I brought the houseplants in for the winter and after drooping, dropping and playing dead (ingrates), they are finally starting to perk up. I knew that they had become home to a variety of outdoor critters, but I dislike pesticides and have been deluding myself that the bugs will stay inside the flower pots. But […]

e-vil cicadas

After a summer of being a quiet background hum, this week the cicadas cranked up their volume to eleven. That probably means they have doubled their population and are now invading homes, like a bad horror movie. I like to believe that they are just telling us goodbye as they vanish for the winter. I […]