Wall-E tree

Sarah’s free Wall-E tree came in the mail and she was thrilled. She wanted to immediately plant the tree in a temporary planter to help it last through the winter. Instead of waiting for me to find some potting soil, she went outside and dug up a shovel full of our front yard. I didn’t mind the hole in the yard and was quite relieved she didn’t accidentally dig up one of the outside cat’s gifts that Doug removed from the front porch and buried in a shallow grave. Doug was the first person to point out that she had more clay than dirt and the tree would still need to be re-potted. Tonight, I asked Sarah to please water her tree while she was waiting for Dad to get a bag of potting soil. She poured a cup of water around the tree that I don’t expect to survive the winter indoors and immediately shrieked. “There are WORMS! Hundreds of baby worms in my Wall-E tree. Ew! That’s the most disgusting thing ever.” I looked in the planter and pointed out several other living creatures that had come out to drink the water. I don’t think she wants to claim the Wall-E tree as hers any more.

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