Core Memory

Our garage door doesn’t always work correctly. I could ask the husband to explain exactly what is wrong with the door, but then I would get a lengthy diatribe on the history of garage doors, theoretical mechanics, how we should be using invisible force fields instead of doors and blah, blah, blah. Let’s just say […]

start at the bottom

It’s important to begin your day with an annoying escapade so that the rest of your day seems better by comparison. For example, today, the dogs demanded to go out during Gimli the cat’s morning ‘race from room to room for no purpose’ exercise. I opened the front door for the dogs and Gimli dashed […]

cats are like toddlers

They poke everything. They outwit attempts at baby-proofing. They scare the family pets. They nap best in someone else’s bed. They will put anything in their mouth. They annoy their older siblings. They don’t like change in their routines. They give slobbery kisses. They snack constantly. Everyone loves them.

Regretting the cat door

When Gimli first joined our family, I thought his insistence on jumping in my lap every time I sat down in the bathroom was odd behavior. After Gimli developed an inexplicable habit of using his litterbox every time I went in the bathroom, I honestly missed the good old days of potty lap cat. Now, […]