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It’s important to begin your day with an annoying escapade so that the rest of your day seems better by comparison. For example, today, the dogs demanded to go out during Gimli the cat’s morning ‘race from room to room for no purpose’ exercise. I opened the front door for the dogs and Gimli dashed out the front door. Before I could reach down and scoop him up, he hopped into the house moat and took off running.

That is why, neighbors reading this, I was stomping around the muddy yard in the drizzly rain, wearing my pajamas and fuzzy pink bathrobe. I know you are sick of seeing me in that pink bathrobe for every morning misadventure. It is not a good costume for disguise and lacks the psychological powers of a Superhero cape. To make your ‘guess what my neighbor did’ stories better, I am going to do something about my poorly chosen wardrobe.

I’m going to look for a new robe. The mud might not come out of the pink one.

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