I still need professional media

I don’t need newspapers. I do need the people-formerly-known-as-newspaper-writers. I need an online news source that gathers only the truth from rumors on blogs and provides an honest and accurate explanation of local news. I need someone to explain the what if we do and what if we don’t of proposed political amendments. More than […]

I’m not a CodeStocker

Doug spent Friday night and all of Saturday in a community of his geeky peers at CodeStock. He invited me to go to the “after” party on Saturday night. I was so eager to get out of the house that I jumped at the chance. He neglected to mention that most of the CodeStock people […]

when technology fails

Grandaddy: “I’m stuck on Northshore. Can you look up a way around the roadblock?” Me: “No. That roadblock took down our Internet.” Grandaddy: “Don’t you have a map?” Me: “Ummmm.”

primitive communication

To try and convince me that Tommy really is going away to college, yesterday we attended Freshman Orientation and registered Tommy for classes. The teenagers went one direction and the parents went another. I don’t know what Tommy’s orientation was like, but the parents basically go from one Q&A session to another. Someone from every […]

geezin’ about Elvis

TN bloggers are remembering Elvis today. Having spent the majority of my life in Memphis, I blogged all my good Elvis stories back in 2004. I’ll pretend that the statute of limitations has run on out on them and repeat my most absurd Elvis memory. I graduated from a private Baptist school in Memphis. Every […]

meta posting

A week ago, Barry posted something that deserved more attention that it received. June 15, 2007: digital immigrant http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=digital+immigrant&defid=894212 Someone who grew up before the digital age and is fairly new to the internet. Basically anyone over the age of 28. YouTube is foreign to the digital immigrant. I’m sure that this would annoy all […]