geezin’ about Elvis

TN bloggers are remembering Elvis today. Having spent the majority of my life in Memphis, I blogged all my good Elvis stories back in 2004. I’ll pretend that the statute of limitations has run on out on them and repeat my most absurd Elvis memory. I graduated from a private Baptist school in Memphis. Every Wednesday, we had mandatory “chapel” services. The school’s Vice Principal had an adult son who was an Elvis impersonator. I guess they had trouble booking people to do those Wednesday services, because several times a year the service was an Elvis impersonator singing religious songs. Picture a 20-something dressed as Elvis, singing at a pulpit while an entire congregation of teens sat with their mouths half open in horror. I stopped attending the chapel services after my sophomore year. Every adult in the school was afraid of the computer lab and avoided it completely. It became the sanctuary for everyone skipping chapel. Computers and sinners. Made for each other.

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