bad things happen

Something bad happened in Knoxville today. As soon as it happened, some people began seeking solutions. Some people just wanted to place blame. Memories of the school, the community, the past and the present are being woven into the story. I did not attend this school. I attended a school of privilege in a city […]

cluttered mind needs clearing

Our homegrown terrorist chose his ex-wife’s church as a target. This was not random. He doesn’t just hate some people, he hates everyone. When I read descriptions of him as a “loner,” my head says that he was a lonely, unhappy man who let bitterness and resentment take over his mind like a cancer. Maybe […]

Sunday afternoon

The children spent the afternoon playing at the cove while Doug stayed home to work. Word of the tragedy was just beginning to reach people picnicking today. The sadness in the city was palpable as people everywhere quietly whispered what they were hearing from the media and friends. Tragically, there was no sense of disbelief. […]