redecorating the tree

A. Evan moves the ornaments from the middle of the tree to the bottom of the tree. B. The dogs knock the ornaments to the floor. C. I move the ornaments from the floor to the middle of the tree. D. Repeat. All the day long.

hypno dogs

“You will throw the ball. You want to throw the ball. You are going to throw the ball.”

happy dogs

Our dogs LOVED last week’s snow. Run, wrestle, eat snow, repeat. Then, they really LOVED this weekend’s spring weather. Fetch ball, wrestle, chase squirrels, repeat. These dogs are happy about everything except rain and thunder. Guess what is in the forecast for Wednesday? Don’t worry. They will stretch out on our bed and hibernate until […]

dog love

We went to a dog fair today and although there were a lot of wonderful dogs, there were no puppies. I know I’m a horrible snob, but I want to get a puppy for our family. I also know that everyone will fall in love with whatever dog I bring in this house and a […]