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We went to a dog fair today and although there were a lot of wonderful dogs, there were no puppies. I know I’m a horrible snob, but I want to get a puppy for our family. I also know that everyone will fall in love with whatever dog I bring in this house and a 9-year-old dog just wouldn’t be with us long enough. I am dreading my dog’s passing and I need to get a puppy in here. I’m sure this is all connected to my grandmother’s Alzheimers and my youngest no longer being a baby but I’ll let you psychoanalyze me on this one. Next week I’ll visit the animal shelter and ask some vets around town. There’s always tomorrow’s paper but that’s usually pure-breeds and I’m not seeking a show dog. I don’t want a pit bull or anything small enough to get stepped on when it’s grown but otherwise I just want a plain-old American dog. Like most Americans, a blend of lots of different backgrounds that make each one a totally unique and fascinating creation.

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  1. They always have the freebie dogs in the paper too. I’d check with some local vets, they often let people post flyers with pets for sale or give a way. Cedar Bluff Animal clinic is one.

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