Vroom Vroom

I spend an inordinate amount of time in the car. I drive the children here and there. I retrieve the children from hither and yon. I sit in carpool lines. I drive to and from the grocery and the big, red bullseye store. I spend so much time in the car that I have wished […]

Teens are funnier than toddlers

“I’m at the auto repair shop and they won’t accept my AAA card as payment.” “Triple A is not a credit card and why are you at the shop?” “I got a flat tire last night.” “Was that the first time you’ve changed a flat?” “I didn’t have to change it. The highway assistance with […]

wounded confidence

Although she was a passenger in a minor accident (thanks to a quick thinking driver), Sarah has demonstrated excellent driving skills. She backs down our steep, narrow driveway to park. She travels Interstates and the twisty, dangerous roads of Knoxville without fear. She doesn’t just drive safely, she likes to drive. She drives siblings to […]

Wednesdays good/bad

Bad Wednesdays: Drive to preschool. Drive home. Drive to high school. Drive home. Drive to middle school. Drive home. Good Wednesdays: LOST Great Wednesdays: Everyone is FINALLY back on the island!


Sometimes, when it is so cold my toes are numb or so hot my deodorant has failed me or so rainy that my fingers are wrinkled up raisins, I just want to put all of the bus stop strangers in my car and drive them to their destinations. Everyone would have a better day. When […]

wacky races, TN style

Another Friday, another drive up to LMU to rescue my college freshman from a weekend on campus. It’s a beautiful campus, but the town is smaller than our high school. It would have been cruel to leave Tommy up there for a three day weekend. Besides, he is actually starting to make friends during the […]

no student drivers

Tommy: “Why don’t you ever let Sarah or I drive when you’re in the car?” Me: “Because I am delicately balanced between sanity and insanity. Your father is already insane, so he has nothing to lose. He will teach you to drive.” Tommy: “Oh, that makes sense.”

Turkey Creek dragway

If Turkey Creek had been designed to be walkable, they would not have the hordes of spoiled, thug wanna-be teenagers take over the property for drag races late at night. I am a Turkey Creek fan. I love to go there and people watch. I have just never understood why it wasn’t designed more intelligently. […]

road trip

My parents insist that I was a wonderful baby, but I know they are lying or suffering that special amnesia that makes the past look beautiful. Anytime I needed to sleep, they took me for a ride in the car until I fell asleep. It must have happened a LOT. Many decades later, I get […]