Sometimes, when it is so cold my toes are numb or so hot my deodorant has failed me or so rainy that my fingers are wrinkled up raisins, I just want to put all of the bus stop strangers in my car and drive them to their destinations. Everyone would have a better day.

When a really groovy song plays on the radio, I have to dance. I get away with this at home. It is frowned upon when I am driving the car. If there’s room to pull the car over, dancing in the median should be allowed and encouraged. More dancing is a good thing.

4 thoughts on “impulsive

  1. You should go ahead and pull over! Be a trendsetter. (that what I call doing fun stuff that weirds out my boyfriend.)

  2. More dancing would make the world a better place! It makes my day when I see people dancing (and singing) in the car. I’ll be looking for you!

  3. I regularly embarrass the children by singing and dancing in the car – they especially “enjoy” it when dad is driving, cause I can do this with wild abandon…honestly, this very often helps bring me out of whatever “funk” I may have allowed in during the day – I say go for it – pull over, turn it up, get out and have at it!!
    I tell mine that they can join me (which they usually do) or talk it over with their therapist when they get older….

  4. I always see people walking and want to give them a ride. But then I let the fear that so many like my grandmother have shoved down my throat that you shouldn’t take such risks.

    I should probably live a bit more on the edge, lol.

    This reminds me of once when we got stuck on 40 on the plateau because of a snowstorm. Alot of trucks had jackknifed and traffic stopped. People were playing in the snow and building snowmen in the medians…:D

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