Hocus Pocus

I may have watched Hocus Pocus excessively over Halloween weekend, but… 1. Since there’s no sequel, can we at least get a new Winifred song? Pretty please. 2. Also, it’s time for a picture of adult Max and Dani as Peter Pan and Wendy. 3. Did the parents and other adults die on the dance […]

more trick than treat

The evening before Halloween, Doug attempted to stop a fight between one neighbor’s cat and another neighbor’s dog. It ended tragically for both animals. Tommy and I cried ourselves to sleep. I couldn’t bring myself to tell the two youngest children who didn’t witness the horror. Halloween morning, I awoke with a migraine. The kind […]

Halloween Movies

Ghosts: Ghost Story The Lady in White The Frighteners Poltergeist House Beetlejuice Ghostbusters Zombies: Shaun of the Dead Night of the Comet Vampires: Fright Night – both versions Lost Boys Buffy the Vampire Slayer Love at First Bite Witches: Witches of Eastwick Practical Magic Matilda Bell, Book and Candle Monsters: Tremors Gremlins The Mummy Everything […]

parent homework

Schools in our area are averse to allowing students to wear their Halloween costumes to school. Their brilliant solution to children with costumes and treats on the brains is to have students dress as a book character or a dead author or a career that interests them. This might be a fun assignment if parents […]

too old to Trick or Treat

“What grade is your child’s class?” “Which child?” “What grade is the class you are making treat bags for with this candy?” “Oh. Actually, I’m making treat bags for my children.” “Well … aren’t your children lucky.” Our family has a lot of fun with Halloween. So much fun that I can see how being […]

Halloween gets tricky

What is the Halloween version of the Grinch? Me. Well, if you ask my teenagers, it’s me. Tommy hasn’t gone trick or treating for years, but suddenly he has started mumbling that trick or treating sounds like fun. It’s only mumbling though. He is happy with the long-standing deal that when you stop trick or […]