too old to Trick or Treat

“What grade is your child’s class?” “Which child?” “What grade is the class you are making treat bags for with this candy?” “Oh. Actually, I’m making treat bags for my children.” “Well … aren’t your children lucky.” Our family has a lot of fun with Halloween. So much fun that I can see how being […]

Halloween gets tricky

What is the Halloween version of the Grinch? Me. Well, if you ask my teenagers, it’s me. Tommy hasn’t gone trick or treating for years, but suddenly he has started mumbling that trick or treating sounds like fun. It’s only mumbling though. He is happy with the long-standing deal that when you stop trick or […]

one last Halloween story

I held Amy’s hand while Doug chased Evan. A man in his 6o’s walked up and offered very kindly to take a picture of us with the camera in my other hand. “Umm, okay.” He clicked the picture, complimented Amy and we ran on to catch up with the boys who were now two houses […]