Dear Heroes,

You owe royalties to Pixar and everyone who worked on The Incredibles after yesterday’s episode and the babysitter scene. Seriously dudes. Thanks, Cathy

random Heroes thoughts

Raise your hand if you think “Rebel” is Queen of Mean Mama Petrelli. Similarly, is anyone else sick to death of Nathan the self-centered jerk? Why do the writers hate good guy Matt? Hiro and Ando’s chemistry is absent this season. Am I the only person who thinks the show’s “bad guy” is the best […]

snakes <3 comic books

Heroes returns tonight and although this pleases me, I think that our snake, Bahamut is thrilled. Snakes like comic book television. Well, I think they do anyway. Maybe he just likes Heroes because I get him out of his aquarium and let him watch Heroes with me. Either way, it’s a good night.