beware the mom spit

Like many people, I talk with my hands. They wave and flap and do a bit of pidgin, but they are not still when I talk. If you sit near me, I promise that I don’t have cooties and you will not melt when I bump you with my wildly flailing arms. If I sit […]

Mommy guilt

I left town for one weekend and returned to a lawn as tall as my waist, every dish in the house dirty, a dead dryer, an attitudinal SuperTween and a heartbroken Sawyer because, “Mommies are supposed to be at home.” I’m not sure if I should travel more often or less often.

Amy says:

“You have lines around your eyes, right here. There’s also lines over here and when you smile you get lines here and when you frown you get lines here and …” I would like to say I was clever and told her that trees get rings and moms get wrinkles. Instead, I glared at her […]