Amy says:

“You have lines around your eyes, right here. There’s also lines over here and when you smile you get lines here and when you frown you get lines here and …”

I would like to say I was clever and told her that trees get rings and moms get wrinkles. Instead, I glared at her father while she continued to point out all the places that my face needs filler or lifts.

5 thoughts on “Amy says:

  1. Ah, but all you really need to do is shake a chicken bone over her precious little head after she goes to sleep and put that momma curse on her… so that one day she’ll have an ickle pwecious just like her tell her the same darned things. Right?

  2. “Yeah, but I have boobs and you don’t!”
    Feel free to use next time. Sadly, I cannot say this to my own children. They’re both boys… it’s not going to fly.

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