not a contest

“Don’t you think you go a little overboard on the Valentine boxes?” No, I do not. I think that most parents do the best they can in whatever ways they can. Some parents grow all of their children’s food. Some parents travel the globe with their children. Some parents are full-time volunteers at their child’s […]

Lost & Found

At the end and beginning of every school year, a list of volunteer opportunities comes home with every child. Sometimes, the job duties are obvious and you instantly know if it’s something you feel qualified to do. Treasurer? I think we’ll let a CPA do that job. Parliamentarian? I’m pretty confidant that there are some […]

What’s happening in my child’s school?

If last month’s PTA meeting was Pythonesque fun, then today’s meeting was a demonstration in frustration. The parents were frustrated that their children were subjected to a random weapon search. “We didn’t KNOW that was a new policy.” The principal was frustrated that the parents were upset. “Didn’t you get the *automated call this morning?” […]

family traditions – stockings

In our family, the adult children (my two brothers and I) give our parents stockings every Christmas morning. Every year when we were children, my brothers and I would bounce out of bed and open our stockings to pass the time while waiting for other relatives to arrive. One year when my brother and I […]