mice are tasty

It is extremely common for the pet store to be sold out of the frozen rodents that make our snake happy. Since most people haven’t discovered how pleasant and easy snakes are as pets, it doesn’t seem like frozen mice would EVER be difficult to find. Our mice come from a local breeder, so the […]

it’s raining . . . something

Two large German Shepherd dogs give lots of love, but they also leave a lot of mess. One of our dogs hides in the forest to make her mess. The other dog? She doesn’t care about privacy or the perfect spot. She goes anywhere. Since she, umm, walks it out, it is literally everywhere in […]

dog v. cat

When the dogs are hungry, they bring me the bowl and bump my hands until I fill the bowl. When the cat is hungry, she pees in the laundry. After I feed the dogs, they wag and give slobbery kisses. After I feed the cat, she vanishes for hours. Call the dogs and they appear […]


I told the boys their fish died and suggested they give the tank a complete scrubbing. They insisted that the fish was only sleeping. “His gills are still moving, Mom.” The next morning, all that was left of the sleeping fish was a skeleton. We now have a tank full of well-fed snails. Are snails […]

poo and pee

Doug claims that the children and pets have made poo and pee a major part of every day. I tend to agree with him. We are dog sitting for my mother’s slightly naughty Corgi this week. She is somewhat less than housebroken. Besides the constant yellow puddles on the floor, she occasionally jumps on a […]