One of the side effects of being poor is that you don’t blog about the bargains from your non-existent shopping excursions or the cool new gadgets that you don’t have. I experience the thrill of finding the perfect purse vicariously on others’ blogs. What I don’t enjoy, are the blogs that post “foreclosure” finds. They […]

signs of the times

While we don’t have homeless people sleeping in our backyard, we do get a lot of door-to-door foot traffic. Usually, it’s just the pamphlet people. The pamphlet people are polite and sympathetic to my inability to stand on the porch chatting for 45 minutes. Lately, our visitors have been more frequent, less understanding and more […]


Of all yesterday’s speakers, the only thing more entertaining than the students, was a doctor at LMU‘s new medical school. He talked about the school’s mission to teach medicine to the people of Appalachia so that they could return to their communities with the skills to help. The doctor was eloquent and passionate and if […]