vanishing innocence

“I have blonde hair and blue eyes. Even that really bad German man who killed everybody would have liked me.” Age ten developmental milestone that was not in my child development class: Awareness of privilege

May as well have said “fire truck”

“When I grow up, I’m gonna be a cool dude rapper with lots of girls liking me.” Since he was a toddler, the child who is so pale he gets a sunburn while fully clothed has pointed at male teens and twenty-somethings with dark skin and loudly declared them to be cool dudes. I never […]

“He’s a cool dude.”

Three-year-olds are a wonderful blend of toddler and child. Still baby enough to snuggle in your arms and fall asleep, but big enough to absorb everything the older children say and do. They will also lie about the melted chocolate on their hands and face (“Amy ate it.”) and be tactlessly honest in front of […]