unfair movie review

Based only on the trailers for Land of the Lost, I have decided this movie is not worth seeing at the theater. No, it needs to skip the theater and go directly to DVD. Actually, I think it should skip DVD and just be released on VHS. Or Beta.

Stir Fry Cafe

I am more than a little bit infatuated with Stir Fry Cafe. For less than 10 dollars, I can have a dinner of miso soup and Brooklyn rolls. Just before New Year’s Eve, I got a cell phone message promoting sushi and drink specials at, well, I don’t know for certain where because there was […]

quickie movie reviews

Bender’s Game is the very best of the Futurama movies. It’s an homage to Dungeons & Dragons that manages to skewer the past, present AND future.There’s a three stooges gender joke in the movie that was acted out in my living room just last week. The Yellow Submarine intro is so good you’ll have to […]