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Bender’s Game is the very best of the Futurama movies. It’s an homage to Dungeons & Dragons that manages to skewer the past, present AND future.There’s a three stooges gender joke in the movie that was acted out in my living room just last week. The Yellow Submarine intro is so good you’ll have to watch it twice to catch all the references to past episodes and characters. Don’t rent this one. Buy it.

Horton Hears a Who is cutesy and holds the youngest children’s attention IF they watch it in 30 minute increments. It has several really good lines thrown in for the parents, but there is a tiny sexist subplot that should have been resolved differently. Otherwise, it’s very visually satisfying. A good choice for family movie night that all ages will enjoy.

Lost Boys is an oldie that I inflicted upon my Twilight obsessed teens. The effects are dated and the makeup artist must have been someone’s mother’s Avon lady, but the humor has aged well. Drag this one out of the clearance bin and dust it off for the teens.

Mamma Mia! is a movie made for middle aged audiences. Unlike Across the Universe’s focus on re-interpreting Beatles music for today’s teens, Mama Mia focuses on middle aged characters and disco’s Abba. There’s a beautiful, young couple in the movie, but the trio of mature women who Hollywood would normally only give odd “character” roles are the vibrant soul of this movie. The plot is thin and the acting is campy, but the movie is so much fun that it doesn’t matter. Pierce Brosnan’s crime against singing is forgiven because of the platform shoes and glittering spandex that he wears during the encore number. The only thing in the movie that jarred me from my happy place was the computer illiterate forty-somethings. That’s just not right. Feeling old but not dead? Watch Mamma Mia and sing along.

4 thoughts on “quickie movie reviews

  1. Loved Mamma Mia! (OK, am stereotype)lost my proverbial shit at the “Slipping Through My Fingers” song, though.

    Oddly, I didn’t mind Brosnan’s singing, made it seem more real or something.

  2. Thanks!! I love Futurama. Will definitely get Bender’s Game. Also interested in Across The Universe. I’d been meaning to see Mamma Mia, but it got bad reviews so I didn’t. Maybe I still should.

  3. Slipping through my fingers does rip your heart out and put it on display.

    Goldie, if you can get past the unlikable female lead in Across the Universe, it’s a fun movie. Joe Cocker is still amazing.

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