so many candidates, so little patience

It’s School Board candidate forum season again. Yay. Also, boo. If you have never attended one of these events with the hope of learning what kind of board member each candidate would be, you’ve missed out. It begins with introductions. Each candidate states their name, the church they attend and how much they love their […]

Last night in tweets

It’s tweet the school board mtg time. Pictures and plaques for donors is the first task of the evening. The main floor of the City-County bldg is about 80% full and red stickers are the accessory of the evening. The red sticker – They are discussing a policy on civility in the schools. Ms. […]

Let’s go to the … School Board Meeting

My children get whiny and my husband gets cranky whenever I leave the house, so outings for anything other than taxi services are rare. I tried to create a weekly outing to write without ten thousand interruptions, but that fell apart. Undaunted, I left the teenagers in charge and spent some time at a School […]

What’s happening in my child’s school?

If last month’s PTA meeting was Pythonesque fun, then today’s meeting was a demonstration in frustration. The parents were frustrated that their children were subjected to a random weapon search. “We didn’t KNOW that was a new policy.” The principal was frustrated that the parents were upset. “Didn’t you get the *automated call this morning?” […]

teenagers are not criminals

I am no longer surprised to see how half an hour of talking to a reporter will play as a single blurb. The only point that my random quote made is that I am AGAINST random searches in schools. Those searches won’t be random. Children of particular religions, races, genders and groups will be harassed […]